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Sheillah Molelekwa will represent Botswana at the inaugural Big Brother Africa (BBA) party in Accra, Ghana on December 4. BBA, which used to be Africa’s number one reality show, has come up with an initiative to visit participating countries, in an effort to win back its popularity.
To maintain its popularity, BBA is set to host an annual Big Brother Africa party. This year’s inaugural host country will be Ghana, where the party will be hosted in that country’s capital city Accra — at the trade fair centre.
“With housemates flying in from all over Africa and celebrity guest appearances on the night, this is going to be the party of the century.”
The host for this year’s instalment will be ex-Namibian housemate, Luis, and ex-Ugandan housemate, Ellah.
Mr 265 is the official DJ for the night while Molelekwa and Kacey Moore will be performing their Hit song, Big Brother Is Watching. Molelekwa, who was often teased as ‘boss lady’ of the house, will definitely be flying the country’s flag high at the event. She gushes, ‘I will be performing some of my songs there.’ “I intend on collaborating with Ghana artist Kacey Moore whilst I am there,” she said.
“This will enhance cultural exchange as our Tswana music will be played on the Ghanaian airwaves hence grow appreciation of Botswana entertainment especially in West Africa.”
The housemates will all arrive in Ghana on December 2 to grant interviews and promote the event. The party will take place two days later, which will be a holiday.



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