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Melvin Alusa, who by the way is a married man, is just a typical fisi. This was particularly evident yesterday in a public matatu/bus.
I happen to have boarded the same matatu with one Melvin Alusa who represented Kenya at Big Brother Africa: Hotshots.
Yes I was excited to be in the same KBS bus with Alusa even though most commuters weren’t aware who he was. The bus was heading to the CBD via Mombasa Road where he was rocking some cheap crocs while harbouring an old phone with a broken screen.
Seated behind the former BBA star, I could clearly hear and see what he was up to. The ninja was vibing an average mommy seated opposite him.
Knowing very well Alusa is a married man, my journalistic instinct kicked in and I tuned my ears to listen to the sweet decorated words the lovey dovey Alusa was attacking the lady with.
Pregnant with desire to have the evidence to prove the former BBA rep was another lousy cheat, I decided to capture the moment on a video.
I filmed the brother taking the poor lady for a ride, lying how he was from West Africa and how dudes from his country loved good food. (He lied he was West African because the girl also spoke in West African pidgin.)
Alusa’s seduction went on until we arrived in the CBD. I alighted at GPO leaving Bien’s brother continue confusing the lady with fabricated words.
Enough said, watch the video HERE



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