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After what has so far been a whirlwind year of opportunities and achievement, model, former reality TV star and TV entrepreneur Luis Munana stepped into The Namibian’s offices to share what he’s been up to.
Since Big Brother Africa made him a household name, Luis Munana has been making great strides in the TV industry and has of late started spreading his brand as an MC. He’s recently hosted numerous shows across Africa, from Tanzania to Rwanda where he hosted a music festival and where his fan base has been growing. “I have a some other gigs coming up in Ghana and Uganda,” he said.
As for what sets him apart from everyone else when it comes to his television productions, Munana credits foresight on the part of his partnerships.
“Our team effort is that we train ourselves on an international platform, see what everyone is doing and ask ourselves if we would like to watch what we put out if we were viewers of our shows.” Apart from this effort to bring viewers the very best in entertainment, Munana says he is grateful for the exposure he and his partner have received. “My business partner has lived in North Africa and I have travelled a lot, so that helps.”
His efforts as a trailblazer in the entertainment and TV industries have not gone unnoticed. Munana recently received an award from The Namibia Business Hall of Fame for being an emerging entrepreneur.
On the modelling front, Munana, who has been on hiatus, has his sights firmly set on getting back on the catwalk, but this time in international shows like London or New York Fashion Week. “I am aiming for big shows now, I might do a few big shows here in Africa but I want to go big.”
Fans of the chiselled model can expect him back on their TV screens in 2016, with what he promises to be bigger and better productions that are set to have viewers on the edge of their seats.
He will also be expanding his CV when it comes to hosting shows and dreams of taking on bigger events like the Koras, the NAMAs and the MTV Africa awards.
“I recently posted a photo of one of my recent gigs and tagged MTV and was surprised when they liked the post and followed me back. This just shows that anything is possible.”
Who knows, the next time we see this entertainment chameleon, it may just be on one of Africa’s biggest music awards shows.
The opportunities indeed seem endless for this multi-talented star.



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