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In the past few years, Big Brother reality TV show has sprung up in search for star-quality talents. The show has been very successful in unearthing these raw talents and turning them into household names.
However, some of the winners of these shows fail to sustain the limelight and soon become forgotten pieces of the past only to be remembered in history lessons.
We take a look at some of Ghana’s representatives who were birthed from reality TV but have since lost their grip on the limelight.
Alex Bomaye 

Alex, after his participation in Big brother Africa made headlines for months with his own reality show, I’m In Love With Bomaye, but has vanished into thin air shortly after the show ended.

Alex was evicted from the Big Brother Africa (Amplified) show after 70 days in the Big Brother house.
Mimi Divalish

After representing Ghana in Big Brother Africa season 3, Wilhemina Abiba Abu-Andani who was known in showbiz as Mimi Divalish tried her hands on music and succeeded with a couple of hits like Tattoo and Leave Me alone. She is now married to Nana Micheals, organizer of Golden Movie Awards but has been low key herself. The list is endless.
Which of these stars do you remember?



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