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Huddah Monroe doesn’t discriminate and she HATES homophobia. Her gay friends were roasted and the socialite went on rampage firing salvos like raged American soldiers in a Vietnamese killing field.
The ex-Big Brother Africa housemate decided to wish her gay buddy a happy birthday on social media. As such, she posted the friend’s photo.
The sight of a man posing like a chips funga socialite on Huddah’s timeline made a number of people have lightning indigestion prompting some to vomit itchy comments that didn’t go down well with Huddah.
The socialite reacted by complaining bitterly and giving haters a moral lesson.

“Did you give birth to that person? Did you assist his/her Mother in carrying them for 9 months in their womb? Is he/she your brother, sister, son or daughter? Did they ever knock on your door for food or shelter? Are they disturbing your peace? Is your salary being cut off coz of them? NO! So Once you ask yourself these questions, your righteous self won’t stand any ground to HATE on people you Have never met and will never meet! Do you know most people commit suicide coz of cyber bulling? It’s a shame that most of you that follow me are none but bullies. RESPECT others and respect their decisions. Whether gay, transgender, transsexual, cross dresser, androgyne, androgen, two-spirited, gender-fliud, lesbian and all other variety of gender identifications, as well as those who do not feel that they have a gender…..everyone in this world is HUMAN , you people judging others are not more HUMAN than them,” Huddah protested.



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