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The boy from the “Kopala Swag camp” Macky2 is not shy to talk about his roots and humble background after all that’s what shapes us to become better people in the future, right?
“The Ghetto.. That’s where I came from,” he asserts! Macky2 couldn’t have said it any better, explains why each one of us should be proud of where we come from no matter the image/s as it’s part of life and can be used as a driving force in our live. 
Well, the rap sensation is a better person today after making a name for himself in reality Television  (Big Brother Africa) and music.
He’s currently been with his love/passion – music and has been doing gigs allover Zambia and beyond.
All said and done, we should never forget where we come from, at least that’s one of the lessons we can derive from Macky2’s sentiments.



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