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This is most definitely hilarious from Luis Munana but the Namibian ‘model with a qualification’ just found out that he has ‘Chinese blood’ flowing in his veins.
“I didn’t know I have Chinese Blood in me,” he joked. This was derived from his new look having cut his hair and now dons a shot hair-cut but still looking fab.
The International MC who has walked a couple of fashion shows/weeks on the continent is doing quite well career wise and it can only get better.
Meanwhile, we know there are couple of fans who would want to find out what Luis’ been up to as regards his love-life, well, it’s no longer news that it was all over between him and Mira even before it started and now it’s highly rumored that he’s dating Tanzanian ex-beauty Queen Wema Sepetu also an ex to singer Diamnond Platnumz.



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