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Lady May has endorsed the first of the trilogy of Scarlet Minor Chronicles, ‘Scarlet Minor and the Renegade’ written by Kenneth Andam.
Big Brother Africa ‘StarGame’ – Namibian Rep, Lady May Africa has endorsed the first of the trilogy of Scarlet Minor Chronicles, ‘Scarlet Minor and the Renegade’ written by Kenneth Andam.
In an Instagram post, she describes the book; “for a second, I thought I was watching the dangerous but energetic #Action movie, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ starring #JohnnyDepp as lead actor. Lol. (Just Kidding). But I simply was reading the Scarlet Rosendale’s Life-End writings of the adventures of Captain of the ‘Renegade’; including the voyages that lead to the isle of Black Gold and earned the name of ‘The Chosen One’. ‘Scarlet Minor and the Renegade’ by Kenneth E. Andam… In my opinion, is a perfect five star (*****), Must Read.”
Written by Ghanaian publishing author, philanthropist and ex-Olympian; Kenny Andam; Scarlet Minor Chronicles comes in 5-series, namely Scarlet Minor and the Renegade; Scarlet Minor and the Twin Pikes of Nebo; Scarlet Minor and the Crossed Blades Skull (the trilogy available); and Scarlet Minor and the Last Atlantic Fleet; and Scarlet Minor and the Isles of Black Gold (soon to be published).
The Chronicles as adventurous, suspicious, and breathtaking as it is, in a way is an emotional life story of the youngster, Scarlet Minor especially when his dream is distorted due to a mysterious past of his role model and great-grandfather, Grandpa Rosendale. With the quest of succeeding his great-grandfather, Grandpa Rosendale as a Seafarer (Sailor); the distortion of his dream begins when a ghost ship visits the peaceful bay called The Nook – where he lives with his parents, bringing a curse to the shores of the peaceful town.And indeed, the reality of the saying that ‘the shadow of the past (good or bad) of our elders, will hunt its generation’ steps in as Scarlet Rosendale is imprisoned as a slave to be tortured and killed in order to break the curse of Bodiaka by the Captain of the Renegade, Captain Ambioca.
Managed by her self-owned record label, Crazy Lady May-Records (CLM-R); Lady May will in due time release the theme song on her upcoming album dubbed, ‘African Bad boy’ which will be accompanied by its visual.
Meanwhile, the Namibian singer has collaborated with Ghanaian songwriter and singer, Akwaboah on a song titled, ‘Let’s talk about love’. “Expect it soon,” she says.   
Lady May has indicated that she will not make it to the first ever Big Brother Africa party to be held in Ghana this December since she would be shooting the video to her ‘African Bad Boy’ song.

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