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He has called himself ‘King Mswati’ and just like the Swaziland leader who bears the same Moniker, Prezzo has lived up to his name.
Exchanging women faster than you can say girlfriends. And for so many people his liaisons have been really had to keep up with. Here’s a comprehensive list of women in Prezzo’s life so far.
Starting us off is Huddah Monroe who rose to fame thanks to Prezzo; Sheila Mwanyigha comes in next followed by the only Woman Prezzo chose to marry and father a kid with, Daisy Kiplagat.
After Daisy, Prezzo then hooked up with Joy Wanjohi before hooking up with Goldie Harvey; Diva The Bawse of Clouds F.M came next before Chagga Barbie became the main chic.
His trysts with Chagga became infamous after she took on to social media for a heated rant against Prezzo, accusing him of giving her a STD and leeching on him. Huddah then jumped into the drama , posting this:
After the Chagga drama, Naz Nassir came in before she was stamped out by Michelle Oyola a.k.a ‘Cookie’
Hit next for pictures of the gorgeous women Prezzo has been lucky to date:
Sheila Mwanyigha

Huddah Monroe

Daisy Kiplagat

Joy Wanjohi

Chagga Barbie 

Diva The Bawse

Naz Nassir 

Goldie Harvey (RIP)

Michelle Oyola



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