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When it comes to calling out people for being fake and accusing them of Instagram stunting, I honestly do not think Huddah should point fingers. After all she has been blasted countless times for faking it.
Remember when she posted photos on Instagram of money on the floor and bottles of Ace Of Spades champagne from an ‘exclusive’ luxury party she purportedly attended in Banana Island then it turned out they were not even hers? Or when she shared photos of her ‘farm’ and wads of dollars ?
She should grab an infinite number of seats and sit this one out, because no one does the fake Instagram life quite like Huddah Monroe does, and I am not throwing shade, just telling it like it is.
Anyhow this is the message Huddah posted calling out people for flossing things that are not theirs and its believed that it was directed at Vera who recently showed off a 150,000 Kshs Painting.
Some of the pictures posted from the ‘Banana Island Party’ 
” Have you ever felt like laughing alone? HAHHAHAHHA! Live according to your means b*tches! If you cannot afford sh*t don’t fake it whoever you are trying to flaunt for doers not give a f**k! We all know whatever you are.
Trying to show off what aint yours though. You cannot fool everyone you are fooling yourself. LMFAOOOO!
Romeo I need your McLaren for Snap Chat. Social media town doe, town known for flossing with other peoples stuff, you aint lying to no one.
Don’t believe everything you see on b*tches.” Huddah Posted.
What do you think of her ranting?



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