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Another one bites the dust…is word on the streets in regards to Prezzo’s latest relationship.
The two lovebirds who have flaunted their love outrageously for the last few months have pulled down all their love photos on Instagram, leading to speculation that the two have split. The only semblance of a relationship between the two is a video on Prezzo’s Instagram while all other photos have been pulled down, even the ones where they were frolicking on the beach together.
Michelle on her part had shared photos of the two looking lovey-dovey; those posts have since been deleted.
A scene that is often seen when two people break up, so they delete the photos as a way of wiping the slate clean and avoid going down memory lane.
So have the two broken up or are they trying to keep their relationship private and keep it from prying eyes?
Time will tell but from experience, Prezzo seems to be moving on to the next babe!



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