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Over time the gossip mill has been alive with gossip that Huddah lives in her friend’s house and does not have a home of her own and the house she often poses in is not even hers .
But she has come out to refute any claims that she is homeless by saying that she is almost done with paying her mortgage for a 50 Million Kshs House.
….TODAY was a really good day for me , I conquered all my fears and got to know my STATUS! Second , because the bank called me and told me I’m about to finish paying my MORTGAGE of 50M Kshs…. GOD is good this year is the BEST year for me ! Totally thankful , you’ll finally get to see my house for those who gossip in Salons and bars saying I live in my RANGE Rover, I just had to share LOOOL! ….

Be careful who throw shade on! Gods timing is the best and God blesses those you curse!!! I wish you all a happy month once again ! Be blessed always #CleanBillOfLife #WhenJesusSaysYes #NobodyCanSayNo #GodWin #Osinachi #BitchesWillBecomeBelievers” she wrote.



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