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Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people but our focus today will be about the country’s Big Brother Africa reps with emphasis to those we deem the ‘most popular’ among the lot.
From the likes of Alex, Malonza, Annabel, Alusa, Sabina, Huddah, Prezzo to mention but a few.
We will however, look at the last two ex-BBA stars; Huddah and Prezzo not because they won the show but because of their social/private lives that they’ve made us love or hate.

Huddah Monroe
The socialite who embraced everything about the job with much psyche you would think she was re-inventing the whole thing. Huddah Monroe followed the typical path of a socialite to fame but being a beautiful albeit blonde BBA contestant did help. However, it is her scandalous exploits that have had people glued to her till now. In fact I guess she is the only person in showbiz allowed and even encouraged to have a scandal.

CMB Prezzo
The rapcellency’s career has been anchored on three things, his talent, his flossing and finally his scandals. He has been left to rely on his scandals in recent times when the other two took a backseat and now it is easier to remember a Prezzo’s scandal and not his recent song. Whether is is brandishing a gun, changing girlfriends, accusations of being broke drunken behavior etc, Prezzo has done it all and had it exposed. You are only left wondering what it is that is yet to be exposed about this guy.
So to our friends in Kenya which of the ex-BBA stars from Nairobi nailed it for you? Sound off in the comments’ sections below…



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