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His seen his star shine brighter and rise to ‘something’ in no time and that can arguably be attributed to his stint on reality TV game show Big Brother Africa.
Little was known of Luis Munana, a Namibian with roots from DR.Congo and now with the fame and opportunities that have come his way, he’s a personality to be reckoned with.
Luis dressed to kill at the ‘Yetu Talent show’, Namibia
Lots of gigs have come his way; being an ‘International MC’, model and the latest being a judge at the Yetu Talent show in Namibia where he dressed to kill and had a few heads spinning.
Well, with all this, Luis couldn’t have put it any better: “Prayer keeps me going.”
He also had this to say about his interesting life’s journey: “I’m naturally a happy person, it’s hard to have a conversation with anyone and not smile or laugh. It comes with the personality.”



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