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Avid Fans across the continent are eager to here any news about Big Brother Africa 2016 / Season 10, everyone wants confirmation that Africa’s most popular reality TV show will soon be returning to our television screens.
We’ve been on ground for news about what’s happening next year so we can look forward to a new household and discovered that nobody knows what’s going on with it.
The only thing that’s been confirmed is that Big Brother Mzansi will not be back in the early new year because of the other reality shows that are happening on the M-Net channels.
The year starts with Clash of the Choirs on Mzansi Magic and The Voice on M-Net so the focus is on these and on the next season of Idols. Idols auditions start at the end of Jan so the show will start in March/April, which is when Big Brother started this year. Word from Mzansi Magic is that Big Brother would start mid-year or later if it happens.
And then for Big Brother Africa 2016, the show’s official Facebook page is convinced that it’s happening:
As soon as we saw this we contacted MultiChoice Africa to ask what’s going on and they told us that it definitely hasn’t been confirmed. Apparently the post was made as a way of tying up the show and East African stars.
Clearly no-one knows what the actual story is because the Facebook post seems so certain and yet MultiChoice say that there isn’t any certainty at all.
From the sounds of it everyone’s still trying to work out what to do with the show. The next season of Big Brother Africa is season 10 so it would need to be something special but it’s faced problems in the past with visas, the house burning down among others.
Below is proof that Big Brother Africa 2016 will be happening next year:



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