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Secrets are some of the hardest things to hide, and no one knows this better than Sabina Stadler. You know Sabina from her role on Auntie Boss and a host of other television shows, as well as being a presenter on QTV and the Kenyan representative to Big Brother Africa last year.

But do you know about her past? Did you know she is entrenched in a deeply religious cult? I know, neither did I believe it the first time I heard.

A lot of young actresses we see today are hiding a past, and not just the #TBT photo type, the really dark, skeletons in the closet type. We found out Sabina’s past in her new show, Majaribu. The thing about cults is that they hold POWER over you. The character she plays, Sharon Tembo, never speaks about the fact that she escaped from the clutches of a villain and had to build her life anew. It leaves us with so many questions! Is she still in the cult? Is she planning on leaving the cult? Who even introduced her to it in the first place??
Majaribu is full of twists and turns, and it looks like eventually, Sabina’s – sorry, Sharon’s – secret, will come out.
Watch Majaribu THIS WEEK on Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30 pm to find out what happens next, on Star Swahili, Star Times.
Check out the pilot episode below:



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