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Permithias Nelioth Owoseb made a name for himself after a short stint in the 2014 Big Brother Africa reality television competition.
While in the Big Brother house, Permithias, who is a chef by profession, flattered many viewers across Africa with his guitar skills and sentimental lyrics that spoke of matters of the heart and other abstract notions.
After his eviction from the popular show, Permithias who also featured on Namibia’s popular local music show ‘Song Night’ from 2011, wasted no time to showcase his musical talent and take it a step further.
He collaborated with fellow housemate Luis Munana on a song titled ‘Mira Mira’, which left fans begging for more while on tours in various African countries. Other releases from Permithias include ‘Nhlizo Tombazani’ and ‘/Ami xa’.
By the look of things, he’s on the right course and joins a host of other promising Africa young artistes to take Africa by storm. We only hope he gives us more than he did this year.
Fingers crossed!



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