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Runway model, MC and TV personality Luis Munana has gone from a relatively unknown ‘Big Brother Africa’ contestant to an entertainment powerhouse in the shortest time. If he’s not posting thirst traps on social media, he’s jet-setting to one of his endless intercontinental hosting gigs or better yet, getting inducted into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame as an emerging entrepreneur.

2015’s ‘it’ girl?
First Lady Monica Geingos is slaying left, right and centre!

2015’s ‘it’ boy?
Job Amupanda has been trending all year.

What 2015 song describes your year?
Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’. Because of my focus on MC’ing and hosting across Africa, I need to be classic on that stage all the time.

2015’s best chill spot?
Can’t decide between Jojo’s and Chopsi’s. No, wait… Jojo’s for the free Wi-Fi and chimichangas during the day and Chopsi’s at night!

The last three things you spent money on?
Paid my monthly fee for my second wife which is my gym membership, paid towards a few expenses for my all white party in Rundu and lastly, made a donation to the Rundu Orphanage.

Hero of the year?
Nancy ‘Chi-Chi’ Muinjo. My God, she was an amazing woman. You might not understand but even in her absence, she’s making sure some of us who knew her are taken care of!

Funniest social media moment of the year?
Bolster tweets and memes! Who comes up with this? “Bolstering” was even added to the Namibian dictionary.

Biggest bandwagon cause?
Everyone is gravitated towards the land issue. AR movement, I guess.

Biggest blunder of 2015?
I stay in my lane. I’m out of the country 90% of the time. Honestly don’t know of any blunders at the top of my head.

Last thing that made you laugh out loud?
While in East Africa, I read in the newspapers (tabloid and blogs) that I had gotten married and converted my religion.

2015’s biggest fool?
Me, I guess. I’m still waiting for the monthly N$100. Weren’t we supposed to get N$100 every month from government?

Favourite slang term of 2015?
I live in my own bubble so you might not get this, it’s “Zuriel”.

What put Namibia on the map in 2015?
Brave Warriors winning the Cosafa Cup, the Welwitschias putting on a good performance at the Rugby World Cup, David Mbeha winning the TLC’s Next Great Presenter Search, Dr Helena Ndume winning the Nelson Mandela international award for her optic services and finally Luis Munana MC’ing and hosting events in different countries across Africa.
2015 taught me… Don’t believe the hype on Instagram . You don’t know what those people did in their lives to show off their expensive lifestyles. You could be on chapter two of your life and someone else is on chapter six. Don’t compare your life to others. Focus your energy on your own hustles!

Most overrated trend of 2015?
OkaManneti. I honestly still don’t get it.

Best event of 2015?
The Namibian Talent Show – from audition phase to semi-finals and the finals. It’s amazing to see the level of talent in Namibia and dedication the organisers put into a show without sufficient sponsors. I’m talking about determination and passion here to help others at your own cost. People are trying fam, it’s not easy!

Saddest Namibian reality of 2015?
There’s minimal support when it comes to aiding local talented independent TV producers and the fashion industry. If only people realised these are multi-billion dollar industries in other parts of the world that can contribute to a country’s economic output and job creation if harnessed properly.

What are you cooking up for 2016?
Well, without giving away too much, increased humanitarian and charity projects (“love thy neighbour as you love thyself”). TV Production to grow our industry and shine on local talent. Major events that will leave me saying “I didn’t know my own strength”.

Favourite African countries?
Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. It’s like Hollywood over there.

What’s the craziest reaction you got to your thirst traps on social media?
Haha! Who says I was ‘thirst trapping’? Well, someone said “Luis, I want to have your babies. We don’t have to date or get married, just give me your semen”. From that day on I stayed indoors for two months, fam!
2015 was… A year of sowing and planting. A year of learning lessons. A year of connecting with my spirituality and my higher power – the awakening and realisation of my true potential.
2016 will be… The time to reap what you’ve sowed. The time you realise that God dreams bigger dreams for you than you can ever dream for yourself. A time to harvest!



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