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She’s only 24 but while most people her age are worrying about where the next ‘turn up’ will be, Dillish Mathews is more concerned about building her wealth, one business venture at a time.
The young entrepreneur boasts businesses which vary from beauty products to real estate. She owns High Definition Hair Spa, Dillish by Vault cosmetics, Dillish ‘Cool Cubes’ ice cubes, and is a partner in a construction company which recently completed the building of 12 apartment flats in Eenhana. 
Her range of make-up brushes are also a new addition as well as the much talked about Bolster restaurant which she also co-owns through a business partnership. 
As she pops into The Namibian’s reception area for an interview, everyone is taken by her impeccable appearance and her business acumen is on full display as she urges our receptionist to try out her Dillish by Vault ‘George’ lipstick stain. 
We start our early morning interview and throughout, her passion for business is evident as she talks about her earliest inclination to entrepreneurship. 
“I grew up with my grandfather who had a tuck-shop and growing up, I realised that what he was doing was selling. I ended up helping him out and that is how I gradually learnt.”
She eventually grew up with aspirations of owning her own businesses and would often joke about being a millionaire to her friends and as fate would have it, her Big Brother Africa win made that a triple reality.
Although she had been involved with the High Definition Hair Spa via partnership, her Big Brother Africa win provided her with a great opportunity to pump more money into the business and finance many more business ventures. The salon is now solely her baby with the partnership dissolved through a mutual decision, she says. 
Support Makes the Difference
For business mentoring and advice, Dillish says ambitious businessman Desmond Amunyela is who she looks up to. “I look up to him because he also had a humble beginning like myself,” she says. Another person she relies on to help her when things get rough is her boyfriend Stephen Gaeseb, who is also a businessman with interests in the construction industry. “Stephen surely does give me a lot of advice and he goes really in-depth with me from budgeting to business planning. I always give him a call when I’m stuck,” she says of what is surely a relationship goal in terms of supporting each other’s businesses. 
Although many of her various business ventures have had relatively smooth sailing in terms of public reviews, the latest one, Bolster, is becoming synonymous with prices that the average Namibian simply cannot afford. I ask her what these prices are all about and she responds without batting an eyelash. “Bolster is an exclusive fine dining restaurant. We have an exclusive clientèle and most people who come there are actually fine with the prices,” she says. 
She adds that the prices are also a way of keeping a certain crowd away. “With its location, the restaurant may become a shebeen in town and we don’t want that. We don’t want the wrong crowd,” she says. So what does a N$65 slice of cake and a N$38 can of Appletiser get you apart from major chest pains, you may ask? “You pay for the ambiance, good service and an overall fine dining experience.” 
Dillish reveals that most of her high-end clientèle actually encourage the Bolster owners to keep the prices as they are in order to maintain exclusivity. 
Social Media Powerhouse
Being the second most followed Namibian on social media after supermodel Behati Prinsloo is surely an advantage to marketing her businesses. The former reality star stresses that social media is the one bandwagon that all entrepreneurs should be hopping on if they have any aspirations of succeeding in the modern day business environment. 
“Everything is about social media these days and the sooner people realise this, the better it is for them,” she advises. She is true to these very words dressed in a Nam Legend t-shirt which she is being paid to promote via her social media pages. With her online popularity, Dillish is a walking, talking marketing opportunity and is a perfect example to young women and men who are sleeping on the massive financial opportunities online. 
As for her future projects, nothing is in the pipeline for now says Dillish, as she would like to wind down the year with what she’s currently working on. “Next year I’ll be crazy busy and you can expect lots of surprises from me as usual,” she says. 
Credits: The Nambian



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