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The Botswana beauty has “meeting her Facebook family” as one of her dreams this year.
Sheillah Molelekwa repped Botswana at the Big Brother Africa showdown back in 2014 and even though she never won the edition, she got fame and a platform that she’s used to better her life career wise and is now into music.
She’s also amassed a huge following on social media; Facebook in particular and wants to meet at least 1000 of them if not all the 19000+ followers she boosts.
In her own words, she clearly puts it: “I love you guys and pray God keeps you safe and bless you…here is another chapter to be together and do things together…I plan to have at least met a 1000 of you this year if I can’t meet all 19000+ of you, to say thank you and just say hi and maybe jam together…
Are you excited yall?



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