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I thought Nigeria had so many celebs to give a damn about Kenya’s but it seems Huddah Monroe’s whereabouts is just too juicy for them to resist.
A while back, Big Brother Africa star Huddah introduced many to Laser hair removal technology that most of us didn’t even think existed.
The A-List socialite went for some sort of surgery to permanently remove hair from her armpits, legs and private parts..
Apparently Nigerians also got wind of her hair removal on her fundamentals and decided to enlighten their audience.
“ Ashewo Huddah Monroe goes permanent PU$$Y hair removal and posted it” Wrote The Punch.
They also referred her as ‘Olosho’. For starters, ‘Olosho’ and ‘Ashewo’ are synonyms for Kenya’s ‘poko’, ‘Kuro’ and if you still don’t understand, ‘prostitute’ is the word Nigerians called Huddah.
And Huddah didn’t even catch hormones, all she did was laugh about it;
Nigerian bloggers and their Headlines . Why I’m i an OLOSHO? And ASHEWO? LMFAO! You know I don’t care tho….. I’m so inlove with myself . I’m a narcissistic bitch . Or call me vain . I like to google my name to see what people are talking about ! . Sometimes I find ridiculous rumors and I’m forced to question myself . “Is that really me ?” So if I typed “Huddah” I type “Huddah Monroe ” just to be sure’ . Then I laugh myself to sleep! #StayWoke!



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