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Who said former Big Brother Africa housemate Prezzo from Kenya was broke? The rapper still has money he flaunts around to frighten folks who haven’t handled such kind of guap.
There has been this unending debate on whether Prezzo really has the moola like he claims. Some folks insinuate he is just another wannabe millionaire.
Sometime in January, it was reported Prezzo moved back to mommy’s house after he was overwhelmed by bills.
So if the ‘My City My Town’ hit maker is broke, where does he get the cash he shows off on social media?
To add to that, he also wears expensive jewels and latest outfits on the market.
That reminds me of 50 Cents’ case. The ninja filed for bankruptcy then some few weeks later he flaunts a new multi-million lavish home he acquired in Africa.
The same case with Prezzo, a ‘broke’ dude ostentatiously displays a million bucks! Where did he get the cash from, his rich mother?



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