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A smile costs nothing yet it heals so many woulds inside and on the outside, it’s so contagious that it also rubs off well with everyone around you.
BBA star; Nigeria’s Lilian shares on why one should always keep a smile…

1, Those people that rejected you and felt you weren’t good enough will be shocked what God will do in your life this year.
2, Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself.
3, They want to see you fall but don’t let that happen, get up and keep pushing.
4, People you least expect will disappoint you,think less of you, expect you to sell yourself short, assume u are hungry for fame,Call u names that u haven’t even heard before, but that shouldn’t matter only God’s report should.
5, With God you can move mountains if only you believe.
6, Relationships will fail, lies, deceit, sometimes you feel like you can’t survive but realistically if there’s no challenge,  you don’t have a story.
7, You can’t only be focused, determined, have goals etc the only key to success is prayers don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
8, Celebrities as you call them also have challenges and are human beings too, nobody has a perfect life,so stop judging and focus on building a life for yourself.

9, Tell yourself I will get there soon, it’s not how far but how well.



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