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We all know how hard it is to get an endorsement deal nowadays especially if one is not a “people person” (famous) but when it comes to celebrities; these kind of people have got all the opportunities in the world to make the monies.
As you well know, these deals come with money benefits, career uplifting and all though in rare instances, these deals have strings attached to them that turn out to be very unfavourable for the ‘ambassadors’.
Well, straight to the point, our very own Big Brother Africa 2014 finalist Macky real name Kaira Umupondo just turned down and endorsement deal.
According to the Zambian rap sensation, the deal which was not befitting of a star that he’s today. Without giving away too much information, he said that he couldn’t take it up because all that was involved was meager benefits and he wasn’t going to stand that low.
“Just Turned Down Another Endorsement… No Mediocre Deals This Year. Don’t Even Think Of Me If You Got A Shity Deal.” “Gerrara Here With Ur “let’s build a working relationship first” talk. “#‎nomorecompromising‬,” he concluded.
Hmmm… Hope that was a wise move by the star, all the better still!



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