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Arguably the most entertaining Nigerian reality TV star to date, Tayo Faniran continues to raise the bar past Big Brother Africa where he came second.
Just like winner Idris Sultan who came up with “Sultan Nation”, Tayo also has a following of “Tayo Nationals”; all these being loyal fans and well wishers.
Well, it’s a new month and Tayo couldn’t miss the opportunity to wish his fam the best, he was joined by his son Toye, the stunning toddler wears a smile that is obviously contagious.
In a Facebook message, Tayo signed off: “Happy New Month to all my fans, lovers, and supporters. 
Ahahahaa ????? let’s just say my family. I call them ‪#‎Tayonationals‬. Yes I mean you, you and you…. Much love. That first message of the month was from Akintoye. This one right here, is from the lion king to you. 
Meanwhile , don’t let anyone define you….”



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