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They say that a real man does not kiss and tell, but Colonel Mustapha just cannot seem to keep his sexual trysts under the deck, despite dating a Gospel musician.
Colonel Mustapha left Huddah Monroe and probably his saved girlfriend scandalized after he said that he banged Huddah Monroe 50 times during their controversial and brief romance 2 years ago. A p**y whipped Mustapha revealed that Huddah Monroe was also a sex goddess and she could give it to a man ‘proper’, hakuna mchezo kitandani.
Huddah however did not seem too pleased that Mustapha made this confession and promptly took to social media to get back at the ‘Dodomo Singida’ musician.

“Why would a nigga say I’m a sex addict? Some people will look for relevance in any way. Banged me 50 times a day or a week? Where and when? Some Men need to grow the f*** up. !” she ranted.
Huddah being Huddah did not seem to mind the ‘good in bed’ compliments she got and went on to brag “I appreciate the compliments he said on live TV .When Huddah takes your MAN he AIN’T coming back. Best believe! He says I was trained in BEDminton by the gods at least he got one thing right. Baddest Chika in Bedminton.”



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