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Former Big Brother Africa star, Beverly Osu has released stunning photos of herself themed, “Sad Post-Valentine”. 
To better understand the photos, read Osu’s sad notes as attached to the post… 
“Don’t tell me you care about me unless you mean it, because I might do something crazy and believe it. ‎Shh…Listen don’t you hear I’m crying but they are silent tears. I’m crying on the inside so you can’t see all the pain running through me. 
I cry for you, I cry for the times I can’t. I am still here because I’m afraid of being lonely but what difference does it make? 
Johnny what excuse do you have for not showing up on Valentine’s Day? I waited, I accepted, I checked my phones, Nepa took the light, I still waited Johnny. I changed twice because I was unsure of‎ how to look for you…everything became unsure, I even became unsure of my principles.
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