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Comedian DKB has explained that his tweet that questioned President Mahama address at parliament on Thursday was for jokes.

The king of Ghanaian comedy on Thursday tweeted that “#SOTNGhana Saying all these good works but we don’t see it. I wonder the nation he is addressing, Sark nation? Bhim nation? Or carnation?”

Some Ghanaians have misinterpreted this tweet, which had over 119 retweets. . DKB in an interview with early Friday morning stated that he made the comment just to put smiles on the faces of his followers but not to attack the president as it has been interpreted.

“I knew certainly that the president was addressing Ghana as a nation but for me as a comedian, I knew I was having fun on twitter. I felt to tweet something that was funny and they were in no way to fight the president because I’m not a political figure and I have nothing to do with politics. All I wrote was just for fun so my main intention was not to make the president look bad or point holes in his work. In actual fact, I don’t have intention of criticizing NDC government or punching any holes in his state of the nation address”.

The former Big Brother Africa rep continued that “a lot of people have fun on social media networks and I can’t be an exception to that because I also have the freedom I enjoy but it is rather unfortunate that it came out as a political news worthy.”

DKB further apologised to those who are offended by his tweet.

“Anybody offended by the story should not take it serious because that is not what I intended to do. I was in one corner enjoying my tweets on a micro-blogging site twitter and it was taken as a political tool.”

When asked if he has received threats for the tweet, Derrick Kobina Bonney answered positively.



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