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I am an actress, model, writer and humanitarian. I participated in the reality television show, Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ in 2014.
Big Brother Africa
Participating in the reality television show impacted my life and obviously opened doors for me. Also, the lessons have proven useful. I was able to understand that no one can spoon-feed you to the top; you have to believe in yourself.
I have been into the arts for quite a long time. I used to make comic books while I was in secondary school. I also used to take part in stage drama and I was the school’s social prefect.
Current project
I am currently focused on my acting, modelling and writing careers. Last year, I released Beverly’s Book of Pose. It is not a clone or imitation of Kim Kardashian’s Book of Selfies. The title, ‘Beverly’s Book of Pose,’ is relatable to my models. I love Kim’s hard work but I really don’t look up to her.
Modelling nude
Everybody has his or her opinion, and at the end of the day, it is what I feel that matters. However, I don’t model nude.
It is usually difficult for celebrities to be themselves because the society has a way of appraising them. Society wants to tell celebrities how to dress, talk or act but I am me; I am friendly when I want to be and I dance wherever I want to or whenever I feel like. People tend to forget that celebrities are also human beings and we do not have two heads. I don’t handle fame; I just live my life because being famous is now a part of my life; it is expensive but it was not something I planned for.
Initially, I was bothered about being criticised by several people, but I soon realised that it helped me improve on my act and expand my level of thinking. It also helped me change what needed to be changed and dump what was unnecessary. I learn all the time.
Sad Valentine post
As a writer, I can relate with the things that happen every day and around me. As an actress and model, I can interpret a story anyway I please. The inspiration for my Sad Valentine post on social media and pictures came from people’s story. Although my first date was on a Valentine’s Day, I am not really keen about Valentine.

Terry G
I never dated Terry G, so how could we have broken up? We have attended public events in company with each other, but it is the same with other showbiz personalities. How are we romantically linked?
Love and marriage        
I will always show love, because it is my second nature and nothing will stop me. Marriage will come at the right time; I am not under pressure.
Mr. Right
I do not want to let the cat out of the bag, but I love an honest, God-fearing man.
My life is a constant battle between my love for sweet things and not wanting to get fat. I do not sleep with make-up on my face, no matter how stressful my day was. I moisturise my face with shea butter.
I am a music lover, so most of the time I listen to music or I write . Also, I enjoy Denrele Edun’s company and it makes me excited. He is my godfather.
Style to me is freedom or ‘comfortable discomfort,’ if there is anything like that. I like comfort, so I try to wear clothes that make me feel relaxed. Most times, I go overboard with it, but simplicity is very important.



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