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Jaguar & Prezzo have always been bitter rivals
Prezzo said the only Jaguar he knew was a car.
Kenya has a vibrant music industry and probably the longest standing rivalry among musicians in East Africa. 
Big Brother Star Prezzo and Kigeugeu singer Jaguar are ever at each other’s throats. 
And they never seem to shy away from showing the world the hate they have for one another. The most recent spat between them coming after Prezzo’s appearance on one Kenyan TV station.
During the interview when the rapper was asked about Jaguar, he said the only Jaguar he knew was a car.
After the interview Jaguar called Prezzo an alcoholic after which he offered to pay his rehab fees.
According to Prezzo, a man should not snitch on another man especially just to gain mileage, which according to him, is what Jaguar did.



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