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Award-winning R&B musician Dixon has crossed Namibian borders to collaborate with former Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ contestant, Cleo.
“The project is a once-off collaboration. I am very excited to see how the listeners will receive the track. We just wanted to do a fun song that people can dance and sing along to,” Dixon said.
The idea to collaborate with Cleo came while the ‘/Namsaro’ singer was working on his latest album. With five continentally acclaimed musicians in mind, Dixon says he decided on Cleo because she is something new on the African music scene and he was excited to work with her.
Without revealing too much about how he came to contact the musician and former reality star, he says the song is done and for that, he is very happy.
“I got the beat from Elvo, we did the chorus and sent it to her team.”
Dixon admitted that Cleo was not too excited when they first approached her, but she was “blown away as soon as she heard the final track” and is looking forward to the song being released.
Although no date has been set yet, Dixon says he and his team are currently planning the launch. Hopefully Cleo will be there to set off the event with a bang.
His collaboration comes amidst a continuing mission to market the Namibian music industry continentally.
The song will also feature on Dixon’s upcoming album, which he worked on with uber-producer Elvo, which will be released soon.



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