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Popular Ghanaian comedian, DKB, has proudly said that as a man, beating your wife is permitted and normal.
The comedian who has once beaten up a lady on live TV before, leaving millions of Africans to watch with numerous reactions. In an interview with African Drum, the comedian stated that women nowadays have become so loud-mouthed that a man needs to ‘beat the hell out of them’ when they misbehave.
He said: ”Look, for me, I will slap any woman who comes at me with her mouth and this is allowed. If you don’t know me ask or watch my videos from Big Brother Africa, where I slapped Zainab for attempting to talk over me.”
“I am living testimony of this… even on life TV that the whole Africa was watching, I slapped a woman, what do you think happens in the privacy of my home,” he lamented.



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