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Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ 2013 stars Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare had their first child together late last year and even though they kept the news under wraps, it some how sneaked out and the world got to know about it much to the excitement of their followers.
Elikem and Pokello met and fell in love on live telly in 2013 and like they say, the rest is history. The Ghanaian and Zimbabwean respectively are also an official couple after Elikem visited Pokello’s family and paid the bride price.
Fast forward March 2016, Elikem seems to be loving fatherhood as he won’t let Pokello breast feed their lovely son opting to change his diapers, and also playing around with him most of time.
The baby boy was named Tristen and he’s a joy to have. Elikem also recorded a video cuddling him as Pokello called out his name. 
Meanwhile, Tristen has a big brother in Nathan – Pokello’s 13 year old son.

All the best for their family!



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