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Zainab Sheriff and Michael Bonny Bassey represented Sierra Leone in Big Brother Africa ‘Stargame’ (2012) and ‘The Chase’ (2013) respectively.
Both telly stars are now household names in the entertainment industry and also share a lot in common. They are both movie stars and models and have already walked a couple of fashion shows in the past.
Zainab (28) is now married while Bassey (24) is still concentrating on his fast rising career.
The BBA ex-housemates shared photos as twins and they’ve not really changed that much.
“Tbt with My first Nokia 3310 in 2003,” Bassey captioned the above photo.
Zainab shared one from way back in 1998 while Bassey shared a 2003 photo ‘flaunting’ his first ever cell phone; a Nokia 3310!
Both of them are remembered for their very entertaining characters while on the telly, even though Zainab got a disqualification after a fight with Ghanaian DKB, she’s still a darling across Africa.



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