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We’ve had nine seasons of Big Brother Africa so far since the reality show’s inception over a decade ago (2003).
And in each season, we’ve without a doubt had a number of couples, there are those that have stayed in the lime light long after their respective seasons ended.
Notable among others include, Gaetano & Abby, Kevin & Elizabeth, Mwisho & Meryl. 
However, in as much as the above and many more of such couples have been popular over the years, it surely seems that of Elikem and Pokello fondly known as ‘Polikem’ is succeeding in unseating other BBA couples.
The power pair who recently welcomed their first child (a girl) together are the talk of town and people’s favourite.
Everywhere they go across Africa, they are received like Royalty. While Pokello is from Southern Africa (Zimbabwe), Elikem hails from West Africa (Ghana) but the distance hasn’t deterred them from chasing their dreams of staying together as a couple.
It’s from here that we ask, do you concur with the notion that ‘Polikem’ is the most popular BBA couple of all time?



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