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With season 10 of popular reality TV game show Big Brother Africa not yet officially confirmed, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the show’s producers and ‘Biggie’ in particular about ardent followers.
Surely, last year was an understandable excuse since during 2014, there was a misfortune which led to fire gutting the studio and house. The show went on for a month less (it’s always 3 months) and 2015 seems to have paid the price for the loss.
However, after a year on the shelf, followers are anticipating that this year something comes up some how and indeed, there are lots of unconfirmed rumors doing rounds.
Though auditions are yet to be called, we should exercise a little more patience since the year is still young and who knows, anything is still possible.
Remember when it comes to Biggie, you can most definitely expect anything!
Fingers crossed!



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