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Huddah Monroes is arguably one of the most seductive female personalities on the Kenyan scene.
She is quite a maverick of a socialite an attribute which makes her welcome at social circles not just for her luscious flesh but also apparently for her intriguing persona and vibe.
She has a knack for the outrageous and the sensual all which her horde of fans drool upon. This time round her nocturnal activities found her in some gentleman’s club and she put up quite a show. She got to one of the high profile strippers present, bent her over and grinded the pompous butt as she caressed it in quite a skilful and sensual manner.
The stripper responded in equal passion driving the revelers in a frenzy. Then other stripers male and female came on stage to put on a steamy sexual performance. 
Here is the video…



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