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For those who’ve been there – through out the hustle of school with the climax being achieving that first degree, you must well know the priceless happiness that comes with it.
Of course it’s always the beginning (like they always say) as there’s a lot to still achieve in life but the first degree means a lot in the life of a young person.

Maneta Mazanhi fondly is remembered for her participation on Big Brother Africa ‘Stargame’ 2012 during which she managed to live in both parts of the house (Downville and Upville) only to get a disqualification after an ugly altercation with compatriot Roki.
Well, after that reality show stint, the youthful beauty went on to pursue her Law degree and indeed with God’s grace, patience and hard-work, she’s managed to walk out of ‘UNISA’ University of South Africa as a winner.
Graduated with my honors degree yesterday. When Jesus says yes nobody can say no. Nhasi ndezvedu wo zvadadisa!! ???

— Maneta Mazanhi (@maneta_m) April 5, 2016

Congratulations to now Lawyer Maneta, the stars are indeed shinning brighter for you!



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