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We all have a history, good or bad but whichever way it is, it’s always a back-borne for our life’s dreams as we strive to live better.

Our very own DKB real name Derrick Kobina Bonney, a reknown Ghanaian comedian and ex- Big Brother Africa contestant may be living his dream today but he’d a humble start to which he’s not ashamed to share with the world.
In his own words, he said: “DKB was once a studio cleaner at Yfm. And now…”
A prostitute was once a Virgin.

A macho man was a tiny baby.

DKB was once studio cleaner at Yfm.

But now……. ?

— downlded #Vimyaazo ? (@dkbghana) April 5, 2016

His sentiments clearly show that he’s come far but proud of it nonetheless. And all that matter today is the fact that he made it to where he’s.

One should never be let down by the kind of job they do today as long as there’s focus, hardwork and a dream to accomplish.



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