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Isn’t it obvious though that one can end another’s life using a pillow?
Well, not for Maria Nepembe, the model businesswoman and actress went on to ask her followers on social media.
But wait.. Can one really use a pillow to suffocate somebody to death? ?
— Maria *RIA* Nepembe™ (@MariaNepembe) April 5, 2016
The Namibia got some hilarious reactions as some of the replies were advising her to check out Nollywood as the act was very common in their movies.

@marianepembe You may need to ask #Nollywood, its very frequent there!
— Austin Toochi™ (@Austeenite) April 5, 2016

@MariaNepembe yip…..
— Nelius Becker (@wambamalam) April 5, 2016
Meanwhile, we think it’s quite obvious. We hope that the petite dame is not after “trying it out at home”. 



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