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The Ex-Big Brother Africa contestants and best friends, Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews are proving to be jacks of all trades as they officially joined the music industry as rappers.

The duo confirmed that their album will hit stores in August saying they want to be the first females to drop a hip hop album in Namibia as there isn’t one yet.

“We have realised that many females are not forthcoming in the hip hop industry and we want to change that perception. Hip hop doesn’t have a gender,” said Dillish.

The two will go by the stage name of BRB (Bring Rap Back) and said they have been hip hop fans since their childhood and have been fans of Missy Elliot, Eve, Queen Latifah and the late Aliyah to name a few.

“I remember rapping to Queen Latifah’s Unity and me saying to myself that I wanted to be just like her! Today I am not only an actor but a rapper too and it’s all thanks to my idols. I want a Namibian daughter to have someone to look up too and that is the purpose of BRB,” said Maria.

The BRB rappers have both publicly shown their vocal talents when they featured The Dogg and the late Chichi on a song titled ‘For the Cause’ whilst Maria recently featured Gazza on the hit track ‘Ngukahu’.

Their first single was out yesterday titled ‘Act a Fool’ and was released on Whatagwan and their social media pages Bring Rap Back. The album will have 10 tracks with two featuring international female rappers Nicki Minaj and Fifi Cooper. Meanwhile name of the album is yet to be released.

The rappers said they acknowledge local female rappers and they look forward to collaborations in the future.

“We want to show Namibian girls that anything is possible and no dream is unachievable. It is never too late for you to do what you want,” concluded BRB.

The rappers will be signed under Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment and will be managed by Sula Kyababa.



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