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Of course it was weird for me too, even if I was convinced I was going to be gone for just a week and that would be it for Big Brother.
In the wake of the good news, the idea of Tumukunde being stolen sort of subsided, at least in my head as I had to chase paperwork for my flight to Johannesburg. The boys were excited for me and I remember that week they became weirdly nice to me (As if I was going to die, mschewww). They really must have felt like damn, we might not breathe the same oxygen with this dickhead for a while after all.
Of course it was weird for me too, even if I was convinced I was going to be gone for just a week and that would be it for Big Brother. They did not feel the same way. Nigel has a way of making you feel like you can do anything.  Very good guy that ignoramus!
I got my plane ticket on a Thursday morning and for the first time it felt real, tangible enough I could taste   it. My Visa was ready by Friday and boom, my passport had a stamp in it. That weekend we spent it at Cineplex. Perks of being a society journalist. Somehow we got a ride on Sunday night and by 4am I checked in!
Time check 03:45hrs, I was at Entebbe Airport , just 15 minutes to check in time and I felt a whole new warmth upon my face and I didn’t feel any bad about it only that I was a bit terrified by how a plane is going to fly us to Johannesburg in a short space of 4 hours. The thought of that alone made my heart palpitate. The first time is always scary but I had my God to lie back on and I was sure we were going to reach safely. 
To be honest, I had never prayed that hard and long to the Almighty. But come on, it was my first time and I was scared shitless. The lady on the microphone called for a South African Airways Check in and Jannette grew goose bumps all over which definitely rubbed off me by osmosis. We got checked and cleared in less than 10 minutes as we were ushered in the waiting lounge. 
Another sweet sounding lady mentioned a couple hours later that each one of us had to make sure we had our boarding passes ready as the aircraft was ready and embarking. A few minutes later, I smelt the air inside the airplane and I had never been prouder! It was an epic moment. I was on a plane. Amazing! 
As I was chilling and savouring the moment, the plane started moving and it hit me, we were on our way! That moment when the plane is ascending is one of the worst moments for a first time flier. My Gosh! U feel like your heart is in your throat and somehow you want to throw it out but somehow you can’t. 
It gets worse if you look down and see how even higher you are going. I simply closed my eyes and prayed harder and before I knew it everything was normal. It took me about 30 minutes to settle my poor heart and left everything to the Lord our saviour. 
I even failed to swallow the tea that the pretty coloured big breasted woman brought to me. Jannette was gulping all sorts of drinks nonchalantly. I couldn’t quite figure what this pint sized woman was thinking. She was at home, I was burning! That journey was the most excruciating of my life because of thoughts I had about what could have happened in that space. I am lucky there was no turbulence. Now imagine if there was! Let’s leave at that, shall we? Time Check: 10:30am (CAT) and we were checking in at OR Tambo International Airport and I could not believe my eyes considering the kind of airport I had left back home. The airport huge, something Donald Trump would call ‘YUGE’ and the only thing I thought about was meeting its architect. 
It is really humongous (Of course before you fly to Dubai). We sort of got lost after walking for almost 10 minutes to no avail since we didn’t know where to head. In a few minutes, after following the rest of the passengers and reading the posts of course (At that time you really have to thank your parents for taking you to school), we finally got a common place where there are all sorts of people with placards written on names. I manned up and put on a straight face as if I had flown before and looked through until I saw my name being hoisted up by a well kempt man wearing a grey suit. He noticed me, which really fascinated me but still I could not ask because I didn’t want to look local. 
I followed the guy with Jannette and we were ushed into a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz and off we drove out of the airport to the Hilton Hotel in Sandton………………….You don’t want to know what happened next!



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