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Our own reality TV star, Macky2 is on a big ‘GONG’ as his Hit song “Lolo Lolo” grabs a nomination as “Radio 2’s Song Of The Year”. 

Big Brother fans, follow the link and like the picture to make “Lolo Lolo” radio 2 song of the year. Here is the Link: Radio2TopTenCountDown.

Watch and sing while listening to Macky2’s song “Lolo Lolo” below: 


Meanwhile, After a relatively quiet year and a Mixtape Macky2 comes back with a new Banger called ‘forgive them’ to silence all the critiques.

If you may recall it’s been quite some time since we heard a Macky2 classic such as ‘Lolo Lolo, Google and Mammy Niuze ’. Although in September Macky2 released a number of song which were from his mix tape ‘Chikubabe Season’, the mix tape was undoubtedly a good mix tape and had a number of good songs, songs such as ‘Power’, ‘Proud Cadre’, ‘Thinking of you’ to mention a few, all are good songs but none of them have ignited the impact of songs such as ‘Google’ and ‘Lolo Lolo.

However, ’Forgive them’ is a breath of fresh air the ‘T-Rux’ produced song is like none we have heard from Macky2. In the song the self-Proclaimed Dopiest Freshest Name in the game can be heard talking about how He Slays everything he does and why he is the Biggest artist in the game.

Listen to Macky2’s new hit song ‘Forgive them’ here: Macky2 -Forgive Them.

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