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It’s no longer news that Big Brother: The Chase star, Clementine Mulenga aka #CleoIceQueen is engaged to her “007”, but what’s making the news right now, are the rumors that Cleo might be pregnant.

Is Cleo pregnant? Of-course yes!

The reality TV star and singer, Cleo confirmed about the pregnancy rumors recently on her Facebook page where she was replying to one her fan.cleo-p

This came after Cleo posted the half pic! above on her page and a fan incidentally reacted by askeing the star to post the full photos of her claiming that they already know she’s pregnant. “Cleo we all know you pregnant….Why don’t you just post full body pic?” A fan posted.

Cleo on her reply to the fan wrote; “Time will come my darlings. Planning something special”.




Meanwhile, Cleo also went ahead to confirm the bump during the recent performance alongside South Africa’s NactyC rapper and said; “You guys are the first people to perform for with my baby bump as you can see! And sh laughed”.

Watch Cleo performing on Coke Studio Zambia recently.





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