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Diamond Appiah is up to her Obinim defending antics again, tearing into DKB for his mockery of Obinim in a comedy routine he performed over the weekend.
Diamond, in her response to the comedian, spread her insults to the insensitive level, with a claim that DKB’s head was so big his mum had to have a caesarean to deliver him.
Diamond Appiah, the faux celebrity running for parliament in 2016, is a strong follower of Bishop Obinim, and takes it upon herself to denigrate anyone who takes any of his myriad incredulous positions to task.
In the rant posted on her facebook, she also claimed DKB was not making any difference in the life’s of people like Obinim is doing, and that he should look elsewhere for his comedy material.
DKB had made fun of the preacher over the weekend in a comedy routine, where he jokingly gave him advise on which animals to turn into depending on which part of the country he was in.
Read her post below…
“DKB or wotever u call yourself, if u have to fool n crack jokes for ppl to laugh before u get your daily bread when your fellow Responsible Men like Osei Kwame Despite are creating jobs with their multiple media houses, financial institutions and beverage companies etc in the same society then I rest my case.. real responsible men don’t crack jokes for a living !! Get a real job n get a life. Bishop Obinim is not ur Co equal in life n can never be even in your next life. If u want content for ur unfunny jokes. Start from your family and how your mother had to have a cesarean bcos ur head was too big n cldnt push u out like any normal baby! Rotfl”



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