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Michelle Oyola gained popularity for dating his rapcellency Prezzo. But it seems that her unsavoury behaviour on ‘Nairobi Diaries’ is now alienating her fans.
From saying that Prezzo doesn’t like dark skins like Pendo, to whining about Pendo wherever she goes and tussling with the ghetto princess, her popularity is just dwindling day by day.
Maybe that is why some of her co-stars and KOT have taken to throwing shade her way. And the one thing people seem to say is that she aint sh*t without the make-up.
The young lady is hell-bent on addressing her haters and shared some make-up free selfies to show that she is still fine.
“Oh uuum I heard ya’ll were saying I ain’t sh*t without the makeup and hair lol b**ch where? ??? #Straight from Western #Kamluhya kaflani amaizing hivi” she captioned one of the selfies.



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