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Kyle poses for a photo with late Nigerian artiste and fellow former BBA 2012 Housemate; Goldie Harvey, when she visited Uganda
Early morning on Saturday, we had our last word from Biggie through a letter he wrote to us through one of his guys called MK. 
It pretty much told us not to expect much but to get ready and vacate the hotel within an hour. That is how Big Brother works, he just bombards you when you least expect it and you must only abide. No other options!
We hurriedly packed our stuff as I planned to see how I was going to pull off a last move and see Stella my friend. None of that happened. Even my phone was still illegal to handle until I set foot on the plane back to Kampala. 
I badly wanted to call Nigel and tell him to get in touch with Stella but nah; I wasn’t allowed to make any calls. Come On, even a prisoner is allowed a phone call, how about a mini-VIP like me? Clearly, I felt worse than a petty thief being hurled on a merry go round. It was very disturbing and the only thing I wanted was to get back home. I was already sick of the weather so full of shit.
Honestly, at that moment I wasn’t thinking of the turbulence ahead since it was a very bad weather day, I just wanted to leave Joburg immediately. My flight was at 14:00 hrs and I was even glad I got to the airport by 12:00 hrs. 
That way I didn’t have to put up with this mean-not-so-pretty-Zulu woman. By 7 pm Ugandan time, I was in Entebbe. I slept three quarters of the flight as I drunk the other quarter.
The boys picked me from the airport and we went straight to Panamera where I met a girl that later became my good luck charm.
So we are at Panamera and this girl walks in and of course my drooling eyes could not miss that moment for nothing. Crushes are a very normal occurrence but this wasn’t just a crush. This was an apparition!  I will keep her name discreet because I might not wake up tomorrow. I might be tied onto my bed for the rest of the week actually. Let your mind wander about all the possibilities!
Nigel had declined to come with us to Panamera and for some reason I kept this girl away from him. This girl was a nymphomaniac! Oh the days of our lives! And no, I am not talking soapy things if you know what I mean.
Things of girls can be inexplicable most a time but anyway back to the gist of this chapter, only eleven days later, I was watching Max Forster and Monita Rajpaal on CNN that morning as I have made that a habit. I watch so much news you might think Bbale Francis was my dad.
The call came in. The call I never expected.
The call came in! That Janette and I had been selected as the final couple to represent Uganda on the Big Brother Stargame stage for the next three months. You see a feeling like that is inexplicable. 
Something you never expected and never really wildly imagined happens and you try to find words to thank God but you can’t quite put a finger to those particular lines. It is times like these that make you forever grateful to the maker and make you want to start going to church daily.
I just might go all day trying to explain that feeling but I will save you the hogwash.
Now let us talk business, shall we? I got the news at about 8 am on a chilly Thursday morning as I prepared to go do my TV Show ‘Skizzy’ at Urban Television. After the show, I couldn’t wait to go tell my workmates Mariat Nasasira and Sheila Sempebwa.
I remember that day was super weird as I could tell how excited and the girls were. Mariat was elated to the moon for me and this is one of the reasons this girl will be my friend until death does us part. Now, those might sound like vows at the altar but don’t read much into it. But you can as well interpret it your way because you are entitled to your own mind.
That same evening Mary Luswata was with us inside the studio and I remember her asking me ‘Kyle, why do you have a weird enthusiasm about you today?’ I just told her I had got someone pregnant. 
I was so lucky she hadn’t started her monstrous Scoop on Scoop show otherwise it would be a whole different story. I left the girls after entrusting them with the news and making them swear never to blow my cover, at least until the day of the show.
After that, I went straight to my boss, James Serunkuuma, now Bukedde TV Manager and told him the news because, of course, I wanted a pay rise upon my return. Oh how young minds work! 
He and I also had our cordial friendship that still holds strong by the way. Sometimes I wish he was a bit younger and we would probably be puffing on a joint or sipping a pint together but alas!
From there I confided in Robert Semakula, my show producer at the time and I had never seen that pint-sized Negro that happy. He promised to make it a big deal after I had entered the house, which promise he kept. 
He even did an interview of me which he kept till the day of the launch and he used it as a lead on the Urban TV news. I love this Negro. No homo. He is simply one guy I love working with. You see if you have a show producer who doesn’t feel your energy and respecting your hustle, the show will fail. 
Skizzy has survived through thick and thin because it had a good foundation and I am proud to have been the one to name that show. Vision Group should pay me some loyalties, actually. It is my legacy!
Robert convinced me to go tell the CEO Robert Kabushenga about it because he was one of our biggest fans at Skizzy.  He watched Skizzy everyday in his office and he was proud of us. Whenever we had problems with one of the editors or stand-in producer, we would always run to him and he always found a way to calm us down. We were just kids and he just knows how to handle you and you leave all smiley under. He is a freaking genius!
So I gathered my strength, all elated of course and headed for his office. At the time, he had a very mean Personal Assistant. I never liked her and she knew it. She made me wait for about 30 minutes but ultimately the boss allowed to see me. 
I gave him the news and to be honest I had never seen him happier. He gave me $500 in cash to go shopping. That meant the world to me. I still look up to Mr. Robert Kabushenga and probably forever will.
I went straight downtown with a friend of mine called Gilbert Kidimu, a writer at The New Vision who up to now is still my fashion hero. Dude helped me shop a few warm things and there I was. Set.
When I delivered the news to Nigel, for a moment I was glad he wasn’t going to Sarah’s hostel that night. He opted to stay with me and of course with our other musketeer Agaba. As we boarded a taxi to Kireka, Nigel couldn’t stop talking about it and I honestly felt nice about this for it was our achievement- The Three Musketeers. Nigel is probably responsible for my getting in because he briefed me really well before the auditions which really built my confidence over time.
It had started sinking in. I was going to be on the Big Brother Show!



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