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Big Brother Africa (BBA): The Chase contestant, O’neal who few months projected to put his Country, Botswana on the map has just has bought himself a new BMW ride, and even more exciting, O’neal shared a video and some cute photos of his new ride on Instagram which he captioned;
“As long as I know God I will always be okay.” He wrote.
O’neal is best known for his gutsy personality on the 2013 Big Brother Africa: The Chase reality TV show, Zibanani Oneal Madumo has used the platform to make his name known throughout Africa and this is only the beginning.
Formerly known as DJ O’neal on one of Botswana’s biggest radio stations, RB2, Madumo has rebranded himself as just O’neal, saying that while radio is his first and main love, he doesn’t want to be boxed into a single thing and plans to take over Africa in more ways than one.
In 2013, O’neal was catapulted to continental stardom when he was cast as one of the contestants on the reality TV series Big Brother Africa, where he was not the most well liked. While he appreciates the opportunity, he cites this as one of the worst experiences in his life.
O’neal says, He joined the show to launch himself to a much more competitive market and to create a better and higher standard to reach for. He knew that if he went onto Big Brother Africa, he’d be able to visit Tanzania or a Kenya and have people recognise him, which has proven to be the case.
Meanwhile, After the reality show, O’neal was head-hunted by Gareth Cliff to be a part of the team for his online radio platform, CliffCentral. And now O’neal has the longest running and most downloaded show on the popular radio platform, called O’neal on CliffCentral. It’s a live music-based show that showcases some of South Africa’s most underrated artists.
Congratulation! O’neal, you have really identified a huge gap in the media industries of many West and East African countries.



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