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He’s better known as Elikem ‘the tailor’ though the government knows him as Elikem Kumordzie, but whichever way it is, this identity rings a bell.
The Ghanaian is one of those who used the Big Brother platform to promote themselves career wise. With time, Africa got to associate with him as the in house tailor even on his second visit to the house as a fake housemate, he cemented his brand on the telly.
His business has gone on to boom and it’s what has been bringing food to the table and making ends meet.
Elikem, now married to Pokello with a child preaches about pride in one’s job, career or skills.
In his own words, he’d this to say: “When you develop your skill, Perfect your talent. You become like an oak tree. You will stand for decades without shaking. People will come and meet you and many more will leave. But you will still stand. Wake up and discover your skills and talent. START FROM LITTLE OR NOTHING at All.”



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