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The issues between the couple became public after Tee Billz’s infamous Instagram rants on April 28

Following his drama on Instagram, the singer granted an all-revealing interview on April 29 and the reactions have been unending.

Not much has been heard on the current situation between Tiwa Savage and her embattled (ex) husband Tee Billz since the infamous drama of last week. The uncertainties surrounding the situation have continued to grow. In case you missed it on Thursday, April 28, artiste manager and publicist Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun went hard on social media as he ranted about a number of issues he’d been suffering from to the point where his messages started to become suicidal, leaving many worried about his safety.

He ranted on Instagram for over an hour on several issues that many believe ought to have been kept private between him and his wife Tiwa.

In what will remain a mystery for years to come, the artiste manager/ publicist dragged several other names in the dirt as he alleged they’d at different points being in a sexual relationship with his wife. The posts were later deleted and blamed on hackers but the damage was already done.

In return, the Eminado singer granted an all-revealing interview on Friday, April 29, 2016 wherein she spoke to Azuka Ogujiuba of ThisDay and details from her revelation have remained subjects of major debates both online and in the media.

As we await the next possible actions from both parties, several celebrities have weighed in on the situation as they give their opinions on what is easily the most controversial incident so far in Nigerian entertainment for 2016.

Radio personality and Big Brother Africa host Ik Osakioduwa spoke on marriages explaining that some entertainers do not have successful marriages because they do not involve their families.

Estranged couple;  Tee Billz & Tiwa Savage

He said: “What you do [by virtue of this] is if you don’t involve your family then they’re away from you and you’re away from them, you become estranged, the love waxes cold. “But if you try hard to involve them, travel every now and then with them, have them on your sets, have them in your studio, it helps. Also, marry the person who was built for an entertainer. Like my wife is the perfect entertainer’s wife. Any entertainer who’s married to my wife and doesn’t succeed doesn’t really want to succeed.” Ik added that every marriage goes through ups and downs and he urged the public to leave the couple alone to settle their differences.



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